Rajwanti Kumari from Pakistan is FO Young Person of the Month for Sept 2019


Welcome to September 2019:

Our Young Person of the Month is Ms. Rajwanti Kumari.

Ms. Rajwanti kumari, final year medical student of Liaquat University of medical and health sciences and Activist, Debater, and Speaker. Being the first female of her community, who received the opportunity to get higher Education this fact always motivated her beyond the measure to work hard. She remained a scholarship holder student in her academic career.

She has been selected in Global Volunteer Program of AIESEC for working on SDG-3 ‘’Health and Wellbeing’’. She did her internship at Osmangazi University Eskisehir Turkey. During her electives in Aga Khan University, She did her research work on Electronic Health System. With these international experiences, she thought, it is necessary to explore the rural Health system; she completed her internships in Rajputana Hospital and Rural Health Centre Tando Jam.

About her Education:

She studied in Govt. college Tando jam, her internal family and teachers always motivated her to work hard. After becoming part of LUMHS, She took a leadership position and organized different events likewise Independence Day and curegionûday and received an award from Director. She served as Information secretary of ‘’Scouts’’  and Member of different societies like  LUMHS  welfare Society  (LWS),  Comparing  Society.  She had been  MUNER, awarded for BEST Delegation in NKMUN, now she Chair MUNs like USMUN & MUNIL.

Since childhood, she has much interest,  academic education has always been priority, however, she believes for meaningful life it is essential to Equity oneself with multiple perspectives to explore reality in more than one way. She believes that Education, Health and Gender  Equality are three most pivotal in  Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs). Hence their availability should be made possible for everyone.


Rajwanti Kumari from Pakistan is FO Young Person of the Month


She started to work on education when she was school-going child,  to compensate her educational expenses and to teach those who wanted to do something bigger their lives, she did teaching in one school for six months. She has also received ‘’Best faculty award ‘’ in Smart study program 2015 & 2016. She is also a part of National and International Organizations.


Rajwanti’s interest was always to serve humanity. She belongs to a region which has dearth of skilled resources and basic provision of Health facilities. She has initiated a Health chapter together with the team of LUMHS and RETO foundation with the motive to make aware under soured families about Health issues.

She served as a Head of Shades Women Chapter since 2014. She has been awarded   ‘’Best   Achiever   Female   Performer’’ award in 2016   and   ‘’Best Achievement award for Women Empowerment’’ 2018. She also got token of appreciation for ‘’Breaking the barriers for Female Leadership’’. With that, she has been selected in first round ‘’Ponds Miracle Beauty’’ award in which 100 females of Pakistan make their place.

About her Projects:

She is engaged in different social projects including AIESEC, Women Engineering Pakistan, Sindh Coordinator of Youth Counseling, Development Network (YCDN), recently she has cleared first round of Aisa Pacific Conference Participation.

She became part of different Pakistani news channels Express-News, Sindh TV News & KTN.

Rajwanti Believes that:

“It was not a simple task to start from Scratch and experience your own dreams, I really wanted to, today I become very glad when girls from my or rural part of Sindh do approach me for guidance and motivation for getting an education. I am thankful to God he made me that source of light which can end the darkness of ignorance for rural families, who did never believe that Education can change lives”.

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